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Please check only one of the following:

    I have no Mobile Home Community and am a first time buyer.
    I have no Community but have previously owned a Mobile Home  Community in the past.
    I currently own and operate Community / Communities totaling sites.
    I am a Financial Advisor.
    I am a Broker.    
    My goal is to syndicate.
             I have syndicated in the past.

Please check only where it applies to your potential buying criteria.

I am looking for the following in a Manufactured Housing Community / Communities

   An existing Manufactured Housing Community
   A turn key operation with good management in place
   A community that is distressed and poorly managed
   A community with rental units

   I will consider a development deal
   I will consider an all vacant land development
   I will consider a development underway at least 25% developed
   I will consider a development underway at least 50% developed

   I do not have to sell something to place money down on the next deal

   I need to sell some assets to gain the funds necessary to place money down on the next deal.

   I would like to see a community that is at least 90% occupied
   I would like to see a community that is at least 80% occupied
   I would like to see a community that is at least 70% occupied
   I would like to see a community that is at least 60% occupied


Mobile Home Park Buying Criteria

Number of sites                                                        Water/Sewer                       Lot Size  

   30-50        City/City     Holds 14 x 70
   50-125       Private/City     Holds 16 x 80
   125-200       City/Private     Holds All Double-Wide Homes
   200+      Doesn't Matter    Doesn't Matter

Age of Mobile Home Community                          Pride of ownership on a scale from A to E

    1-5 yrs old     A
    5-15 yrs old     B
    15-20 yrs old     C
    Doesn't Matter     D

I am trying to find a deal that, after factoring the real expenses and the new tax rate, the management fee should meet this criteria:

Management fee 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% 12%

My Capitalization rate goal is 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% 12%  13% 14% 15% 16%

My cash on cash return goal is no less than:


Help me understand Capitalization Rates and Cash on Cash Returns

I will seriously consider a community in the following states/provinces:

   Alabama    Louisiana    Ohio
   Alaska    Maine    Oklahoma
   Arizona    Maryland    Oregon
   Arkansas    Massachusetts    Pennsylvania
   California    Michigan    Rhode Island
   Colorado    Minnesota    South Carolina
   Connecticut    Mississippi    South Dakota
   Delaware    Missouri     Tennessee
   Florida    Montana    Texas
   Georgia    Nebraska     Utah
   Hawaii    Nevada    Vermont
      Idaho    New Hampshire    Virginia
   Illinois    New Jersey    Washington
   Indiana    New Mexico    West Virginia
   Iowa      New York    Wisconsin
   Kansas     North Carolina    Wisconsin
   Kentucky    North Dakota  
   Canada    Australia  


I am looking to identify property/properties in order to complete a
1031 exchange no later then   Learn more about 1031 exchange services and how they can help you with your next Mobile Home Park/Mobile Home Community Sale

I am serious about becoming a passive investor.

I am interested in passive investing with a group.    I wish to put down 

I am serious about becoming a passive investor on my own with no other partners.

I am interested in your Mobile Home Park Management Services

I am interested in your Professional Due Diligence Services

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