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"Real Spread"

A complete SUPER SIMPLE interactive spreadsheet model. One of our most popular models because it is so simple to use. It also features one of the most simple to understand and self explanatory Internal Rate of Return Calculation components. Everything you need in an interactive spreadsheet online and more. This model features an amortization component that allows the user to input the month and the calculation model outputs the balance owed for that corresponding month. This model also sheds some light to the infamous price per pad thought process. Users reviews place this model at the top of the list for ease of use for first time users. Due to the overwhelming response to this spreadsheet we have developed an interactive lesson that allows for eight separate exercises that walk the user through the spreadsheet while explaining the dynamics of the spreadsheet components as well as their relationships to each other. Click this link to start the tutorial.  80 15

"Reality Check Cap Rate"

This Calculation Model was designed to help a user determine a broad range of Capitalization rates results for one particular property. This is extremely helpful in quickly determining whether or not your are wasting your time as it displays the best and worst case scenarios as well as everything in between.



"Interactive Amortization Table"

This Interactive Online Amortization Table allows you to enter the beginning balance the interest rate of the loan and the monthly payment of the loan. The output is a series of scrollable tables that show "MONTH NUMBER",  "PRINCIPAL PAYMENT", "INTEREST PAYMENT", AND "ENDING BALANCE". This is a useful tool when attempting to figure out when the loan is paid in full, and or the balance at the end of year (x) or month (x) etc.

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"Full Scale Spread With Internal Rate of Return Component (5 Year) Model"

This Interactive Online Amortization boasts a full spreadsheet with an embedded Internal Rate of Return Calculation which looks out 5 years into the future. It is extremely flexible and allows for the user to adjust future output calculations while not interfering with today's values with features such as the dual capitalization adjustment component and more.



"Capitalization Rate Examples Sheet with 7 stacked adjustable N.O.I and Cap Rate"

This Mobile Home Park for sale tool is found in the Mobile Home Parks section. It is designed to show a new user how cap rates have an effect on the value outcome of an income producing property. It has also been used as a stacking analysis tool for quickly stacking up to 7 Mobile Home Parks for sale on top of each other. The tool has 7 different adjustable N.O.I and user adjustable cap rates as well.



"Quick Snap Shot Model"

This Calculation Model was designed for the Mobile Home Parks that are listed and displayed to the general public for sale which do not show pertinent information to help you make an intelligent decision. In an effort to protect the general public we have designed this model and similar models to assist in valuation of Mobile Home Parks For Sale. In this model it asks for "sales price" "down payment" "income" "expense" "monthly payment" & "number of sites". The algorithm based model will deliver the following outputs in real time as you type, "NOI", "ANNUAL DEBT", "CASH FLOW BEFORE TAX", "CAP RATE", "PRICE PER PAD", & "CASH ON CASH RETURN".  



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